Sunset Over the Rockies


I recently finished a new novel, tentatively titled Sunset Over the Rockies.  It’s a slight departure from my previous works as it is not Civil War related. But only slight because the protagonist is a Civil War vet. Here is a brief description:

Sunset Over the Rockies takes place in Denver, Colorado in the 1860s. It’s the story of Bill Barton, who headed west hoping to strike it rich in the gold fields of Colorado, but had that dream taken from him in a brutal act of violence. Trying to put the past behind him and rebuild his life, Bill then finds love in Denver—only to lose everything again in another act of violence. Bill soon learns that the same man perpetrated both attacks. What he doesn’t realize is that, as he pursues the killer, the killer is pursuing him.

I don’t have a release date yet, because I’ve decided to pursue traditional publishing this time around. I will post more as things progress.

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Expanded ebook Distribution

I’m happy to announce that Road to Antietam is now available just about everywhere ebooks are sold!

While Road to Antietam is still available at Amazon in both paperback and ebook, I have partnered with to expanded my ebook distribution.  Road to Antietam is now available at Barnes and Noble(nook), Kobe, Apple, and more. Check out the link below to see all the new places you can buy or read Road to Antietam.

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New Editorial Review

I’ve just received an editorial review for Road to Antietam from “The Book Review Directory” (  They’ll post it on their website on 9/27/18.

I’m kind of proud of it, they gave Road to Antietam 5 out of 5 stars!

Title: ​Road to Antietam

Author: ​Tom E. Hicklin

Genre: ​Historical Fiction

The Galloway brothers leave behind their family and the quiet lives they’ve always led in Ohio to join the Federal Army in what is expected to be a quick routing of the Southern rebel forces during the Civil War. Daniel joins the Army to prove his worth to the father of the woman he wants to marry, while his younger brother Christopher hopes to find glory. Both are gravely unprepared for the horrors they’ll face when they finally enter the battlefield.

Road to Antietam​ is an impressive work of historical fiction, and fans of war stories will not be disappointed by the depth of Tom E. Hicklin’s knowledge of the Civil War. Hicklin is a skillful writer, transporting us back to that era in history by seamlessly integrating realistic dialogue between characters and details that engage all the senses. We see, smell, and feel every single painful step the Galloway brothers take in battle—almost as if we are right there with them.

Road to Antietam​ has all the elements of an exceptional novel—thorough background research, interesting plot lines, descriptive writing, and engaging dialogue—but what makes this novel most memorable is its characters. The Galloway brothers are representative of so many of the men who sign up for the war: young, hopeful, eager for battle, but lacking in experience. Their stories make the realities of the Civil War that much more devastating.

While ​Road to Antietam​ is the story of Daniel and Christopher’s time as soldiers, it speaks of the deep bond between the brothers. Daniel wants to impress his commanding officers with his conduct as as soldier, but he keeps on having to rescue his younger brother from trouble. Christopher, having always been smaller and in his older brother’s shadow, falls into drinking and lands himself into situations more difficult than he could have ever imagined, when he, too, just wants to be hailed as brave and make his family proud.

Readers who are not as familiar with war novels may find some of the military terminology unfamiliar, and the details about the Civil War can be overwhelming. More clarity on how much time passes between events and where the characters travel during that period would make the plot easier to follow.

Regardless, Hicklin is gifted at driving the action of the story. He still manages to make the narratives of grueling marches and long battles interesting to read, and he builds the tension between major events so the reader has to keep reading to find out what happens to the Galloway brothers and their messmates.

We eagerly anticipate the sequel to ​Road to Antietam​. Even though history has already determined who stands victorious at the end of the Civil War, we are deeply invested in the characters and await hearing more of their stories as they continue fighting in this bloody war.

Road to Antietam​ is far more than a war story. It is a tale of loyalty, courage, and the resilience of the human spirit. Most importantly, it’s a story of the strength of the bond shared by two brothers fighting together during the Civil War.

Rating:​ 5 out of 5 stars

-“The Book Review Directory”