Road to Antietam

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In his remarkable work of historical fiction, Road to Antietam, author Tom E. Hicklin brings readers the story of two brothers and the life-altering events they experience amidst the harrowing backdrop of the American Civil War.

Daniel and Christopher Galloway are merely teenagers when they join the Eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry at the beginning of the Civil War. What starts out as a light-hearted adventure, soon descends into a brutal struggle for survival as they go from training camp to skirmishing with an elusive, deadly enemy to full-blown battle, culminating in the single bloodiest day in American history.

Along the way, both brothers suffer from illness, exposure, hunger, and extreme fear, and they soon come to realize that the deadly war they’ve chosen to fight has less to do with glory and banners, and more to do with hardship and depravity. In this blisteringly realistic tale centered around actual events, it becomes apparent that the overall, larger picture does not always reflect the singular human experience.

This is a story of suffering and hope, adversity and compassion. This a story of innocence lost and maturity gained. This is a story of two brothers whose love for one another carries them through the darkest time of their lives—until that fateful, bloody day on the banks of the Antietam when they must face their greatest test, and everything changes forever.