Growing up in Colorado, I always found the sunsets magical. So it only stands to reason that the main character of my first novel set in Colorado would feel the same way–as you can tell from the excerpt below.

The Colorado Rockies in the summer were, to Bill Barton, the closest you could get to heaven on this earth. Rain storms, while frequent and sometimes intense, were short and refreshing, the sun was warm, and the breeze coming off the snow-capped peaks was cool enough to make a body comfortable when performing even the most arduous task.

The forests (what was left of them) were a tapestry of dark evergreens and lightly colored aspen. Bill particularly liked the aspen. Their leaves didn’t block out as much light as the heavy boughs of the spruce and pine, and when the wind shook their leaves, the light flickered as if you were standing inside a crystal vase. Even the areas stripped of their trees to feed the needs of the growing mining camps and towns were quickly covered with green grass and colorful wildflowers.

And oh the sunsets! They were explosions of multicolored beams and fiery-red clouds that Bill imagined were much like what the ancients saw when they talked to God.

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Summer Sale

I’ve signed off on the cover for my new book, Sunset Over the Rockies. I should have it and the final proof-read draft of the manuscript the first part of next week. I have set the launch date for September 1st.

Keep an eye out, Sunset should be available for presale on Amazon sometime next week. I usually offer the ebook at a discounted price up to release date.

Also look for sales on my current books, Road to Antietam and The Way Home. This weekend the ebook version of The Way Home is on sale for only 99 cents at or one of these other outlets.


Sunset Over the Rockies


I recently finished a new novel, tentatively titled Sunset Over the Rockies.  It’s a slight departure from my previous works as it is not Civil War related. But only slight because the protagonist is a Civil War vet. Here is a brief description:

Sunset Over the Rockies takes place in Denver, Colorado in the 1860s. It’s the story of Bill Barton, who headed west hoping to strike it rich in the gold fields of Colorado, but had that dream taken from him in a brutal act of violence. Trying to put the past behind him and rebuild his life, Bill then finds love in Denver—only to lose everything again in another act of violence. Bill soon learns that the same man perpetrated both attacks. What he doesn’t realize is that, as he pursues the killer, the killer is pursuing him.

I don’t have a release date yet, because I’ve decided to pursue traditional publishing this time around. I will post more as things progress.

As always, thank you for your support.